Single Head Operating Light

Single Head Operating Light

Inspital Single head operating light designed to meet all surgical illumination requirements of delivery rooms and operating rooms where local intervention is needed, or emergency response applications are required. New generation LED technology helps the surgeons to operate and view the surgery area clearly.

Proper lighting is a compromise to provide good vision with minimal glare and prevent eye strain of surgeons.

Full HD Surgical Camera

Surgical videos taken by Full HD cameras provide clear images taken from the operator’s point of view, allowing vital intraoperative findings to be clearly illustrated and comprehensively explained

New Generation LED Technology

Lamp contains 60 units of individual Warm /cold white LEDs combined with unique high-tech lenses, which provide brilliant, homogenous light. Each LED module can be replaced individually in case of any failure. Led life is >60.000 hours. Inspital lamps are environmentally friendly, no harmful UV rays.

Special Lamp Head Design
The special slim elliptic head design allows unobstructed flow of clean air through the light head to dissipate accumulated heat and surgical smoke. Degree of turbulence is lower than 29 % at surgical field

Adjustable Light Field Diameter

Thanks to adjustable color temperature between 3000 K -5000 K and color rendering index, Ra CRI 96% easy to identify tissue by colors and detailed view for the surgical area. From 130 mm to 360 mm wide range of adjustable light field is possible by innovative beam design. So, the light patch can be easily matched to the wound size.

Lamp has 360º Rotating horizontal and spring Flexible arms that provides comfortable positioning.

User friendly standard 4.3” LCD touch screen panel to control all functions of the lamp.

There is also a handle placed on the luminaire for light control. Considering that sterilization is extremely important in the operating room environment, this handpiece should have some features. The handpiece is a detachable, sterilizable, hand-holding device placed on the armature. It is used to move the armature in order to adjust the illuminated area as sterile according to the needs. During the use of the handle locking mechanism, it must be designed in such a way that it will not endanger the sterile condition of the sterilizable handle, and that the grip area of the handle will not have any contact with the non-sterile armature.

Technical Features  
Max. Illumination power, in 1 m  160.000 Lux
Diameter of lighthead Ø670 mm
Color temperature 3000 K - 5000 K
Color rendering index, Ra CRI 96%
Dimming Range % 1 – 100
Light Field Diameter d10 24 – 36 cm / 9.5”- 14.2”
Light Field Diameter d50 13 – 28 cm / 5.1” – 11”
Number of LED modules 60
Lifetime of LED >60.000 h
Degree of turbulence (standard value 37.5% max.) 29%
Depth of the volume of light L1 + L2 at 20% 130 cm / 51.2”
Depth of the volume of light L1 + L2 at 60% 76 cm / 30”
Camera 1080p Full HD Camera
Irradiance at nominal illuminance 200 W/m2
Additional options Touch Screen Pro Control Unit,
Camera, Monitor, Battery Back Up


Single Head Operating Light

Single Head Operating Light

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