Pressure Regulators

Pressure Regulators

Single Model Double Model Gas Type Gas Flow Inlet Connection
GZ70.60 GZ70.70 Oxygen 30 m³/h R 3/8"
GZ70.61 GZ70.71 Nitrogen 30 m³/h R 5/8" Inner
GZ70.62 GZ70.72 Argon 30 m³/h R 5/8" Inner
GZ70.63 GZ70.73 CO2 11 m³/h W21,80X1/14
GZ70.64 GZ70.74 Helium 70 m³/h R 5/8" Inner
GZ70.65 GZ70.75 Hydrogen 90 m³/h W21,80X1/14 Left
GZ70.66 GZ70.76 Dry Air 30 m³/h R 3/8"
GZ70.67 GZ70.77 N2O 30 m³/h R 3/8"


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Double stage stainless

Inlet pressure             : 0-230 bar

Outlet Connection      : R 3/8"

Adjustable Pressure  : 0-10 bar Argon 1,5 bar

Stainless diaphragm

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Pressure Regulators

Pressure Regulators

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