Mobile Operating Light
Mobile Operating Light
Mobile Operating Light
Mobile Operating Light
Mobile Operating Light
Mobile Operating Light

Mobile Operating Light

 It is very simple to use. Especially LD05.06 model Mobile operating light is preferable as it is easily transferable among operating theatres. It also provides 2,5 hours of energy with its battery backup system. Each LED on it can be removed and replaced one by one.

INSPITAL Operating lights provide you the best illumination with its powerful and new generation LED technology and hardware systems.

And the lifetime of each led is more than 60,000 hours. The maximum illumination power provided by 60 LEDs is 160,000 lux in 1 meter. Through sensitive color temperature adjustment system, it can allow to adjust between 3000-5000K at 9 stages. The color rendering index, which turns light into a daylight that enables surgeons to see the operation area better during surgery, meets this need with a value of 96%. 


With a 67 cm special elliptical head design it allows unobstructed flow of clean air through the light head to dissipate accumulated heat and surgical smoke. Boost function and endo light mode, which can be activated with a single touch via the control panel prevents from loss of time during surgery. One of the most important feature, the Automatic Distance Management (ADM) system measures the distance between patient and light head automatically and ensures that the surgical site always appears in the best light. With the help of laser positioning feature the head can be easily positioned at the right distance and placed for the surgeries. 

Technical Features  
Diameter of lighthead Ø670 mm
Illumination power, at 1 m 160.000 Lux 
Color temperature 3000 K - 5000 K
Color rendering index, Ra CRI 96%
Dimming Range: %1-100
Light Field Diameter d10  24 - 36 cm/9.5”-14.2” 
Light Field Diameter d50  13 - 28 cm/5.1”-11” 
13 - 28 cm/5.1”-11” Number of LED modules 60
Lifetime of LED: >60.000 h
IP IP 54
Total power consumption  130W
Degree of turbulence(standard value 37.5% max.)  30%
Irradiance at nominal illuminance  200 W/m2
UV radiation intensity  0,2 W/m2
Depth of the volume of light L1 + L2 at 20% 130 cm /51.2"
Input Voltage: 220-240 VAC / 50-60 Hz
Depth of Lightning (L1+L2) at 60%  76 cm/30”
Additional options Touch Screen Pro Control Unit, Camera, Monitor, Battery Back U


Battery back up system provides 2,5 hours of energy

Mobile Operating Light

Mobile Operating Light

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