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Hospital Cart

Inspital crash carts are used at hospitals for transportation and distributing emergency medical needs for patient rooms to surgical areas to support procedures to saving patients’ lives. Inspital is producing one of the best, modern and superior treatment carts at the market. Durable long life, rounded cornered and high quality Inspital Hospital Carts designed for transportation medical needs for the patient rooms inside the hospitals. Inspital crash cart is optimized equipment handling for immediate treatment. Inspital general treatment carts model can be selected as: quantity (5 or 6 drawers) according to hospital needs.

Our experts are ready to offer you the most suitable solutions for hospital carts

Our treatment cart design for flexible organization and efficient use of storage. Inspital crash carts have easy to open / close drawers. Compact laminated customizable drawer design includes basket, tray and separators. So, users can be customizing drawers easily according to patient rooms or related department’s demand. Inspital Crash Carts supply large capacity with adjustable drawers for smaller to bigger storage needs. Our carts are easy to handle by holder. Although cart is fully loaded by medical equipment, thanks to four pcs high loading capacity, 125 mm castors -two brake and two electrically conductive – Stylish Inspital treatment carts are easy to move. Lightweight and perfect balance design help to make cart’s turnings and movements with little effort. Inspital hospital carts can easily jump over the difference in elevation on floor. ABS one piece cornered top tray is specially designed for is easy to clean with hospitals disinfection system.  Thanks to enough accessory rail, lots of accessory can be set up at the same time.  Inspital hospital carts has two stainless steel rail with size 25x10mm located at the Two side. Inspital cart contains total 4 accessory rails. Cart has easily accessible CPR tray. Also, all cart accessories are mainly made by stainless steel. Cart’s corner profiles are aluminum. Inspital has wide range of customizable hospital carts. There are different medical cart types for the healthcare industry in the vertical sense. Inspital Hospital Cart can be easily customized by vide range of accessories for different purposes such as Emergency Cart, Nursing Cart, Anesthesia Cart, Medication Cart, Isolation Cart, Endoscopy Cart, Open Trolley.


  • ABS top tray, easy to clean
  • Holder, easy to handle
  • Color options for side walls
  • Aluminum corner profiles
  • Accessory rail
  • Durable bumpers
  • ABS base tray
  • Medical grade castors


According to patient room design and request various color options or specific department’s color indication, for drawer handles and side walls. Color options for side walls like White RAL 9016, Yellow RAL 1018, Blue RAL 5015, Green RAL 6011, Pind RAL 3015 and Red RAL 3020. Also, 304 grade Inox Stainless Steel side walls model is available. Thanks to wide range of chart accessories’ combinations, Inspital carts can be customized for all different purposes for each specific department. Stylish design is suitable for every kind of patient rooms, clinics and hospitals.

Model Color RAL Drawers W H L
AB20.60W White 9016 6 820 1025 620
AB20.50W White 9016 5 820 980 620
AB20.40W White 9016 4 820 940 620
AB20.60R Red 3020 6 820 1025 620
AB20.50R Red 3020 5 820 980 620
AB20.40R Red 3020 4 820 940 620
AB20.60B Blue 5015 6 820 1025 620
AB20.50B Blue 5015 5 820 980 620
AB20.40B Blue 5015 4 820 940 620
AB20.60G Green 6011 6 820 1025 620
AB20.50G Green 6011 5 820 980 620
AB20.40G Green 6011 4 820 940 620
AB20.60Y Yellow 1018 6 820 1025 620
AB20.50Y Yellow 1018 5 820 980 620
AB20.40Y Yellow 1018 4 820 940 620
AB20.60P Pink 3015 6 820 1025 620
AB20.50P Pink 3015 5 820 980 620
AB20.40P Pink 3015 4 820 940 620


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