Fittings & Accessories

Fittings & Accessories

  • Inspital's end feed fittings, manufactured according to BS EN 1254-1 ;1998 are seamless, monoblock fittings, which makes them stronger and easier to use. 
  • Biostatic composition of the copper material inhibits bacterial growth on its surface.
  • End connections: Copper x Copper .
  • Lightweight, strong and corrosion resistant. 
  • Unaffected by sunlight, has no special storage requirements and does not produce toxic fumes in a fire.
  • All fittings supplied contain less than 100mg/m² (0.01 mg cm²) of hydrocarbons on the degreased surface. 

Our experts are ready to offer you the most suitable solutions.

10 mm FT50.28
12 mm FT50.29
15 mm FT50.30
22 mm FT50.31
28 mm FT50.32
35 mm FT50.33
42 mm FT50.34
54 mm FT50.35
76 mm FT51.36


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Fittings & Accessories

Fittings & Accessories

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