Examination Light

Examination Light

INSPITAL LED examination lamps are designed to meet all surgical lighting requirements of doctors. Next-generation LED technology helps them see the working area clearly. With its easy-to-use on-off button and 5-stage light adjustment, you can achieve maximum performance with minimum effort during your operations.

INSPITAL LED portable lamps are designed for clinics so that you can perform small operations in the easiest way.

LED Technology

  • Advanced LED technology to fulfill lighting requirements of any kind of minorsurgeries and examinations
  • Well-focused lighting with LED bulbs connected to specially developed reflector
  • Maintenance free LED technology
  • Easily accessible ON / OFF switching and 5-stage dimming control


Body Structure & Head Design

  • Head can be positioned in required area and can be rotated 360º thanks to its spiral body structure
  • Modern stylish and slim design


It aims to offer you uninterrupted surgeries with its long-lasting LEDs of 50,000 hours. Thanks to the neck structure produced in a spiral shape, the light can be easily directed to the desired area. With its modern and stylish design, it adapts to your consulting room The only difference between the LD02.08 and LD02.05 is the variation of the stem lengths. LD02.08 is 1500 mm long and our LD02.05 model is 1100 mm long.INSPITAL LED lights can be adapted to operating theaters and clinics of all sizes, including large hybrid variants with a variety of models and combinations. For large operations, you can look at our operating room focused products such as LD10.01

Technical Features  
Illumination:  30.000 Lux / 0,4 m
Light Head Diameter:  Ø150 mm
LED Lifetime:  >50.000 h
CRI:  95%
Number of LED Modules: 6
Color Temperature:  4500 K
Height:  1100 mm
Examination Light

Examination Light

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