Double Head with Camera

Double Head with Camera

The high-resolution camera provides good quality images which can be recorded and used for educational purposes. The light intensity of 160,000 Lux provides a clear view of the surgical area and does not cause eye fatigue. The AIM feature minimizes shadow formation by turning off the light on the blocked quarter of the operating light. When using this feature, the light intensity does not decrease and the power of the blocked area is transferred to the other quarters.

LD20.24 is designed for operating rooms where cameras are needed. LD20.24 is a double-headed operating lamp, equipped with an HD camera.

  • Adjusting the light temperature between 3000 K and 5000 K ensures that colors of tissues in the surgical can be seen maximally accurate. 
  • Laser Positioning feature provides fast and effective light intensity adjustment and focusing in the operation area.
  • The lamp head is made of chemical resistant, durable ABS material.
  • Each LED module can be removed and replaced with a new one individually. Lifetime of LED modules is 60.000 hours. Which means that during this period, approximately 15,000 coronary artery bypass surgery (one of the longest surgeries), can be performed. 


Technical Features  
Max. Illumination power, in 1 m  160.000 Lux
Diameter of lighthead  Ø670 mm
Color temperature  3000 K - 5000 K
Color rendering index, Ra CRI  96%
Dimming Range  % 1 – 100
Light Field Diameter d10  24 – 36 cm / 9.5”- 14.2”
Light Field Diameter d50 13 – 28 cm / 5.1” – 11”
Number of LED modules  60
Lifetime of LED  >60.000 h
Degree of turbulence (standard value 37.5% max.)  29%
Depth of the volume of light L1 + L2 at 20%  130 cm / 51.2”
Depth of the volume of light L1 + L2 at 60%  76 cm / 30”
Camera  1080p Full HD Camera
Irradiance at nominal illuminance  200 W/m2
Additional options  Touch Screen Pro Control Unit, Camera, Monitor, Battery Back Up
Double Head with Camera

Double Head with Camera

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