Double Head Operating Light

Double Head Operating Light

 LD10.02 Inspital double head operating lamp is the best seller surgical lamp. 

LD10.02 Inspital lamp provides good illumination on a flat, narrow, or deep surface in the cavity, despite obstructions such as surgeons’ heads or hands. In order to distinguish true tissue color in a space, the surgical lamp’s Ra CRI color rendering index is 96 which is the perfect rate. Having a CRI index close to 100 is important for the surgeon in order to better recognize the details in the wound area, to recognize tissue colors of arterial and venous vessels more easily. Thanks to its special lamp head design, it has an aerodynamic structure working with positive pressure bacterial ventilation and laminar flow (linear flow rate) system used in operating rooms. The turbulence created by the lamp in the surgical environment is less than 29%. The head size is designed as 670mm in order not to affect the laminar air flow.


The choice of surgical light type depends on the operation to be performed. Inspital double head operation lights are suitable for majority of surgery type.

Inspital Operating Lights have also some unique features, which are increase surgery doctors’ experience with operating lamps in a good way, such as;

  • The Laser, which guides to easily position the dome at the right distance and place for efficient surgeries.
  • Automatic Distance Management (ADM) system measures the distance between patient and light head automatically between 90-110 cm and ensure that the surgical site always appears in the best light, literally.
  • Active Illumination Management (AIM). INSPITAL LED light technology provides the best illumination, even when surgeons are blocking the LEDs.
  • The loss of illumination when certain LEDs are obstructed is automatically compensated by the AIM system.
Technical Features  
Max. Illumination power, in 1 m 160.000 Lux
Diameter of lighthead Ø670 mm
Color temperature: 3000 K - 5000 K
Color rendering index, Ra CRI 96%
Dimming Range: %1-100
Light Field Diameter d10: 24 – 36 cm / 9.5”- 14.2”
Light Field Diameter d50: 13 – 28 cm / 5.1” – 11”
Number of LED modules 60
Lifetime of LED: >60.000 h
Degree of turbulence (standard value 37.5% max.) 29%
Depth of the volume of light L1 + L2 at 20% 130 cm / 51.2”
Depth of the volume of light L1 + L2 at 60% 76 cm / 30”
Camera: 1080p Full HD Camera
Irradiance at nominal illuminance 200 W/m2
Additional options: Touch Screen Pro Control Unit,Camera,Monitor, Battery Back Up
Double Head Operating Light

Double Head Operating Light

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