Copper Pipe Clips

Copper Pipe Clips

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  • INSPITAL designed clips used as copper tube supports on ceilings and walls.
  • Can be mounted directly on the wall or mounted by rail.
  • Single and jointed usage
  • Color coded clips copmatible with gas standard
  • Halogen free, non-flammable material
Explanation Blue White Gray Yellow
Hook 10 - 12 mm FT50.39 FT50.46 FT50.53 FT50.60
Hook 15 mm FT50.40 FT50.47 FT50.54 FT50.61
Hook 22 mm FT50.41 FT50.48 FT50.55 FT50.62
Hook 28 mm FT50.42 FT50.49 FT50.56 FT50.63
Hook 35 mm FT50.43 FT50.50 FT50.57 FT50.64
Hook 42 mm FT50.44 FT50.51 FT50.58 FT50.65
Hook 54 mm FT50.45 FT50.52 FT50.59 FT50.66


Model No Explanation
FT50.36 Hook Rail
FT50.37 Stoper
FT50.38 Distance


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