Central Vacuum System
Central Vacuum System
Central Vacuum System
Central Vacuum System

Central Vacuum System

Integrated vacuum regulator
Liner and lid are made of durable plastic
Trolley with 4 pcs vacuum jar capacity
Polycarbonate, transparent vacuum jars with silicone hoses
Sterilizable jars at 121°


Our experts are ready to offer you the most suitable solutions.

1.Patient port - The patient port allows the suction of fluids and all its content safely
2.Suction kit - Inspital suction system has wide range of accessories for different suction applications
3.Vacuum port - This port connects to vacuum source coming from surgical suction device or central vacuum station line
4.Filter - Inspital suction liners are aquipped with hydrophobic filter which work as an overflow valve and antibacterial barrier. It also keeps the electrosurgery smoke in the liner and protects the operation environment

Model No Explanation
AT20.75 S/S frame, 4 port
AT20.75C Powder coating frame, 4 port
AT20.75P Powder coating frame, 1 port


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Central Vacuum System

Central Vacuum System

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