Central Suction Trolley

Central Suction Trolley

Inspital Central Vacuum System for vacuum or compressed air operation, including regulator for suction dosing, fine dosing and quick-action valve, mobile frame accommodates 2 x (2, 3,)-liter bottles

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Inspital Central Suction Trolley designed to use as substitution of the regular suction machine. Suction Trolleys’ working principle by using the hospital’s main medical gas system’s vacuum part for suction. Thanks to the movable structure central suction trolley, it can be easily placed most suitable location to use Hospital’s vacuum line. It has a high grade of a stainless steel body with antistatic castors. The trolley includes an integrated vacuum regulator, catheter jar and transparent polycarbonate liquid collection vacuum jars with silicone hoses. Jars can be Sterilizable at 121° 2 L.  Flexible liners and lids are made from durable materials.  Trolley has a 2 pcs vacuum jar capacity. Disinfectant, foam inhibitor and gelling agents are optionally available.  

  • Integrated vacuum regulator
  • Liner and lid are made of durable plastic
  • Trolley with 2 pcs vacuum jar capacity
  • Polycarbonate, transparent vacuum jars with silicone hoses
  • Sterilizable jars at 121°
  • No contact with patient.
  • Liner and lid are made of durable plastic. Liners are flexible.
  • In bags, optionally, disinfectant, foam inhibitor and Solidifying agents are avaliable.
  • Integrated vacuum regulator.
  • Trolley with 4 pcs vacuum jars capacity.
  • Polycarbonate, transparent vacuum jars with silicone hoses.
  • The Vacuum Jar should be sterilized at 134 °C between 3,5-5 minutes and at 121°C during 10 minutes  
AT20.75T:   2 x 3 L Reusable Vacuum Jar
AT20.75F: 2 x 5 L Reusable Vacuum Jar
AT20.75D: 2 x 3 L Disposable Liner


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