AVSU Module

AVSU Module

INSPITAL Area Valve Service Unit Module is manufactured to provide isolation of individual floors of medical gases in the hospital. AVSU Module Unit includes all features required by the EN ISO 7396-1 and HTM 02-01 standards. Isolation may be required for installation, maintenance or in the case of an emergency.

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  • AVSU Modules Unit is manufactured HTM 02-01, HTM 2022, EN ISO 7396-1 and BS EN 15908.


  • Oxygen
  • Nitrous Oxide
  • Medical Air 400 kPa
  • Surgical Air 700 kPa
  • Medical Vacuum


  • Controls 1 to 5 gases, including vacuum
  • Lockable covers with emergency access lock system
  • Window on the cover enables the user to monitor the analog manometers without opening the covers
  • Under plaster and on plaster types are avaliable

Alarm Unit

  • Local Area Alarm

Pressure Switches

  • Pressure switches can be fitted inside the box to enable local monitoring.

Electrostatic Painted


Under Plaster Version
Model No

On Plaster Version
Model No
3 gas w/o alarm  GZ84.05 GZ84.15
3 gas with alarm GZ84.06 GZ84.16
4 gas w/o alarm  GZ84.07 GZ84.17
4 gas with alarm GZ84.08 GZ84.18
5 gas w/o alarm  GZ84.09 GZ84.19
5 gas with alarm GZ84.10 GZ84.20


AVSU Module

AVSU Module