Unavoidable Change of Technology

The general purpose of Research and Development is to keep up with in the ever-developing technology period, to make them sustainable and as a result, to ensure continuity by keeping the production excitement of the enterprises alive. R&D is a process intended to create new or improved technology that can provide a competitive advantage at the business, industry or national level. While the rewards can be very high, the process of technological innovation is complex and risky.

In the world, the things of the technology changes are changing in the health sector as well. As a matter of fact, the Pandemic period is a result of this. Research and Development will observe the new requests in health with the changes in technology and develop as a product or service. Therefore, R&D is especially important for manufacturing of the medical device.


In the medical sector, spreading Research and Development awareness to the bases is of critical importance in case of country survival. Because the most basic and endless need of man is health. Being externally dependent on an urgent and important product needs can put us in a difficult situation. we should produce domestic and national products in order to avoid any further difficulties in product supply and time which is surely possible with spreading Research and Development awareness to the base.

Medical devices are in daily human life and Research and Development should be conscious of working with precision in the design of products that will touch such a sensitive point of human life.