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Human Resources

Inspital is a company that values each employee and makes use of its Human Resources Department to develop each employee’s potential. Employee success and satisfaction are top priorities for Inspital.

Training Programs

Our training programs focus on individual employee personnel development as well as technical training, aimed at extending and enhancing the skills and competencies of all staff. Training is scheduled throughout the year and is based on individual evaluation questionnaires completed by employees and their supervisors. In addition, any staff person can request to join our many training programs.

A training schedule is planned out a year in advance by the Human Resources Department. Inspital makes use of internal resources as well as external locations and experts to implement these programs.

Performance Evaluation & Career Planning

Employee training programs are integrated with individual staff performance evaluations for a comprehensive and holistic effort of overall success for both employees and the company. All position competencies are broken down into deliverables relative to training and performance. Human resources specialists and department managers collaboratively our implement training programs.


Our company provides internship to the studients of universities and vocational colleges / or technical high schools. Training qualifications and number of trainees are determined in accordance with departmental requirements.

General Requirements
To be a student of faculty of Mechanical Engineering, Mechatronics, Electrical and Electronic, Industrial, Biomedical Engineering or Vocational School Vocational School for students, Mechanical, Computer Aided Design, Biomedical Equipment Technology Departments.

• Summer Term Internship: On June, July, Agust and/or September
• Technical Internship: Between May and September

Internship Acceeptance Process
Internship Applications are evaluated on the beginning of March. Considering the needs of department, suitable interns are invited to interview on the last week of May. For the s succesfull candidates, the process is completed.