Autopsy Table

Autopsy Table

MG70.10 Inspital autopsy table is built from AISI 304 stainless - steel table with high edges, faucets, drains, electrical sockets, compressed air and water to wash away body fluids from the corpse during the autopsy. Height adjustment and tray is fixed model.


Our experts are ready to offer you the most suitable autopsy table solutions.

Autopsy is the examination of dead body to understand cause of death. Autopsy made by pathologists, who are the doctors are specialized on understanding reason of the death to understand the is the death related by accident, suicide, homicide, natural or unnatural. Retain organs, time of death. 

Also this products can be used as education purpose for doctor students to learn organs and human parts at anatomy lessons. Autopsy table can also called as anatomy dissection table. Inspital Autopsy table made of 304 stainless steel materials. Body tray dimensions are width: 850 mm x Length: 260m mm. Height adjustment is fixed. Height of table 900 mm, which is optimum working height for autopsy. It has compact sizes. The table has every specification which can be need from autopsy table. It has hydro aspirator, vacuum system operates with water pressure. All the components are high quality and grade stainless steel materials. It has compressed air and water spray gun next to faucet for easy access, when needed. Compressed air and water gun made of stainless-steel material. Compression of air can control with the trigger.


L (mm): 2800
W (mm): 900
H (mm): 900

Body tray’s surface has grid structure to make fluids easily go away from the surface of table. Thanks to fluid drainage it is easily to send all fluids to drain. Garbage grinder is optional, it will add according to demand. Our body tray has two integrated electric sockets fitted on one side of the body column. So, thanks to electric connection it is useful to use electrical devices, which can be used at the autopsy procedure. Such as Bone saw, autopsy saw, scalpels, scissors, rib shreds, toothed forceps. Between these tools, electrical ones can be connected electric sockets at the table’s column. 

Inspital Autopsy tables has good quality and durable components as raw materials. With good high craftsman, device can be used long years with perfectly. Inspital products are one of the best sellers and preferred products at the market, medical examines and morgues. Inspital autopsy tables used long times and verified from many hospitals. Its quality proven by many working hours.

This tables are need some requirements for installation.

These installations are;

  • Hot water installation,
  • Cold water installation,
  • Grounded electrical socket,
  • Air installation,
  • Water and fluid drainage connection.

All the installation need to be installed at the center of the Autopsy table. It has cabinet with door on the Coolum. Table has faucet to wash away all dirts and fluids which occurred while the autopsy procedure. All autopsy table needs is available on Inspital autopsy table. Thanks to stainless steel materials, autopsy table can be easily cleaned, it is antibacterial. Top tray is designed for rapid and easy draining. Material is moisture and corrosion resistant. It has rounded edges. Foot distance is well calculated for ergonomic working. Side barriers has  enough height to keep fluid inside the tray. Tray has angle to make fluids go to drainage easily. Thanks to design of tray there is no fluid debris stay. All the fluids go to drainage.

Inspital MG70.10 inspital autopsy table supporting structure is made of 304 stainless steel construction materials. Body trays raised edges helps to keep fluids inside the table and eliminates to drop fluids on floor and corners for easy cleaning.

Water flow passing fast inside the pipes at the table, it creates vacuum turbulence. So, thanks to high flow of water, this case creates vacuum from water force, hydro aspirator effect. Which helps to clean fluids easily.

Thanks to fixed height adjustment the autopsy table is well balanced to carry bodies while making the autopsy. Thanks to solid and heavy - duty structure, the carry capacity of table is up to 350 - 400 Kg.

MG70.10 Autopsy table is not rotatable. If Customer needs rotatable autopsy table at their morgue,

Also, Inspital has MG80.10 Rotating Autopsy Table as different autopsy table model. MG80.10 rotatable model has fixed base and 350 - degree rotatable fixed tray. MG80.10 Dimensions are 2250 mm x 1000 mm x 850 mm ( W. L. H ) Height adjustment is fixed. Made of AISI 304 stainless steel. It contains shower and washing unit.  Carry capacity is up to 350 – 400 kg same with the fixed tray model. For your Autopsy table demand please contact us. Inspital Operating together for life.

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