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Medical Gas Systems

Manifold System with Double Regulator

Inspital Automatic Changeover Manifold is designed to
provide a continuous supply of Oxygen, Nitrous Oxide,
Carbon Dioxide in healthcare facilities. The manifold
consists of two banks of cylinders located on each side of
the pressure control assembly. These pressured gases are
used in Operation Theatres, Intensive Care Units, Neonatal
Care Units, Emergency Rooms and Patient Rooms.
Automatic Changeover Manifold are designed and
manufactured in compliance with HTM 02-01, MDD
93/42/EEC, EN ISO 7396-1 and ISO 13485 standards

• Special black ABS cover protection against evironmental
• Designed to ensure continuous and accurate gas supply
• It is designed according to the principle of continuous
transfer functionality. So during exchange of the
cylinders,gas supply won’t be interrumpted.
• Alternative station capacities depending on the type of
gas used and the distance
• Fully removable cover for easy access to internal
• Easy to reach alarm panel connections


Optional Accessories

• Emergency reserve manifold
• Heater Kits
• Isolation valve and test gas outlet
• Spare cylinder racks


• Manifold Type
• Inlet dia
• Outlet dia
• Outlet pressure
• Automation
: 2 stage, 2 regulators
: 1/2”
: 22 mm
: 4 - 5 bar
: Fully Automatic

Technical Information